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With the government's newest release of a gradual restart of deferred services, such as massage therapy, I wanted to clarify Lakeside Massage Therapy's response to this action.



The stress of a situation like this can have negative impacts on your health and wellness. If you have been experiencing increased amounts of stress or pain and are concerned that your health has suffered during this time of self-isolation and would like some guidance on how to deal with it, I want you to know I am here to support you.

Click the BOOK ONLINE link below to schedule a free discovery session with me to find out how I can support you.

Eighty eight percent (88%) of people agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.


Welcome, to Lakeside Massage Therapy. My name is Lana and I am excited that you're here! 

First off, you should know, I am not your typical massage therapist.


My goal in my practice is to empower people to shift out of their pain cycle by learning how to reconnect with their body's intuition so that they no longer have to rely on passive therapy for regular pain relief.

I have designed my business structure to that of a coaching framework so that I can help you achieve your health care goals in a much deeper and profound way.


I provide support in the form of self-care coaching containers, which include a powerful coaching conversation called BodyMind coaching, embodiment and self-care practices and exercise routines. These sessions are provided in a virtual format.

After the COVID regulations have been lifted completely, massage therapy may be implemented into the coaching programs as a form of support.


I do not currently offer massage therapy in single session format. 

If you are curious as to how self-care coaching might help you find your inner strength to pivot out of pain on your own terms, please click the BOOK NOW link in the menu to schedule a FREE discovery call.


About Me

Lana Cummings

Registered Massage Therapist

Personal Trainer

Life Coach


I have been an RMT for over 16 years. 

I am currently certified with the CMTO and I am a long standing member of the RMTAO. I hold continuing education certificates in Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Fascia, Anatomy Trains Myofascial Release, and Thai herbal massage.


I have also been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 14 years and Certified Life and Exercise Coach for 3 years. 



Find Us:


Take Hwy 40/33 off the 401 in to Consecon and turn left on Lakeside Drive.

Our Address:

1507 Lakeside Drive

Consecon, ON

K0K 1T0


(416) 346-7607

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