Therapeutic Massage Therapy 

Do you suffer from aches and pains that never go away? Would you like relief?  If these questions are relevant to your current situation, then I want to help you out. Lakeside Massage Therapy is the premier place to get medical massage therapy in Consecon, ON, Canada. Instead of just getting a basic massage, I will use my years of experience to relieve your pain with a combination of relaxation and deep tissue massage. My clients see results immediately.

When you get massage therapy at Lakeside Massage Therapy, you’ll get to enjoy a healing therapeutic massage in serene location, surrounded by water, trees, and nature. Your mind will be put to ease while I work on the areas of inflammation and tension in your body. I’ve been a registered massage therapist for 15 years. With my hands-on experience, I know how to individualize my services to the needs of each client. I am positive you’ll feel lasting relief after your first session. I care about all my clients, and it’s my goal to help reduce your pain so that you can feel your best. My services come highly recommended.

If you just typed ‘massage therapy near me’ into a search engine, then you've landed in the right place. At Lakeside Massage Therapy, I provide therapeutic massages to help you live your best life. I’m located right on a relaxing, peaceful lake in Consecon, ON, Canada. I encourage you to head over to to see the various massage services I have to offer. With many years of experience, you can trust me to provide you with a therapeutic massage the will melt away your aches and pains. Not only will you feel better while you’re here, but it’s also my goal to make sure you feel your best from day to day. 

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