Thai Yoga Massage & Swedish Massage

Are you interested in learning more about the healing powers of massage? Do you like to treat your body like a temple? If so, then I would love to offer you a Thai yoga massage here at Lakeside Massage Therapy. For over a decade, I’ve been providing my clients with the most beneficial massage experience in Consecon, ON, Canada. In addition to enjoying my skills, you will also be surrounded by a beautiful and relaxing lakeside view. It’s my goal to create an environment where you can truly escape the stresses of the world and let your body heal.

Many people turn to medications to treat pain. While this may work temporarily, it only masks the pain. At Lakeside Massage Therapy, I know that massage can be used to treat the root source of your pain. My clients come to me for a unique Thai yoga massage that treats all your joints and muscles. The energy created during your treatment will help rejuvenate both your body and soul.

Here at Lakeside Massage Therapy, I am proud to be a registered massage therapist. I specialize not only relaxing Swedish massage, but I’m also known for my therapeutic massages. I want you to feel as good as possible, and it’s my belief that I can heal your body through energy and touch.

You’ll get the most beneficial Swedish massage in all Consecon, ON, Canada right here at Lakeside Massage Therapy. With more than 14 years of experience, you can trust me to make your pains melt away. Go to my website at to learn how I can heal your body. By offering therapeutic massage in a serene, calming environment, I’ve had the privilege of improving the lives of many clients. I want you to feel your best, and I will find the proper massage therapy for you. Contact me soon if you’re ready to start a path to healing with massage.

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