Therapeutic Massage Services

Are you tired of taking strong medicines for your pain? Have you become interested in natural pain treatments? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to get a therapeutic massage from Lakeside Massage Therapy. I am an experienced massage therapist in Consecon, ON, Canada. My massages are offered in a relaxing location on the lake, where you can enjoy being surrounded by nature while I work on healing your ailments. Let me prove you to how powerful massage is.

Healing the body can be done naturally. At Lakeside Massage Therapy, I love watching my clients get better after a therapeutic massage. It’s my goal to help you feel your best. If you’re dealing with pain, I will work on relaxing the specific areas that are causing you to hurt. I’ve been a registered massage therapist for 14 years, and during that time, I’ve seen countless patients heal their bodies.

When you come to Lakeside Massage Therapy, you’ll see that I provide a specific type of massage services that you can’t find elsewhere. You’ll be able to choose from  both relaxation and therapeutic massage also known as deep tissue massage. In many instances, my clients benefit from a combination of both. Feel free to ask me any questions about the services I offer. I want you to get the right massage for your needs.

Here at Lakeside Massage Therapy, I’m proud to offer an amazing massage service in  Consecon, ON, Canada. My treatments are provided right on the lake. This calm environment will soothe your mind while I use my healing touch on your body. I hope you’ll visit me online at to read more about the beneficial massage treatments that I offer my clients. Let me get to know you so that I can help ease your pain. I go the extra mile to ensure that all my clients always get the best possible care. I truly value you, and my compassion is evident in every massage I give. 

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